Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall in Los Angeles

It's a Monday on a cool, cloudy, wintery day in Southern California. And I know this is pathetic, but cold in sunny LA means it is below 80. I think it is 68 outside and cloudy.We seriously have apple cider cooking in a crockpot, sweaters out and on, and we are strongly considering a fire in the fireplace tonight. It so rarely clouds over here that we are jumping into fall with both feet.

I've been busy designing NUMEROUS entries into the NASA/ETSY collaboration project and took a break yesterday to put together a couple of new things. For some reason I got a sewing bug and decided to break out the sewing machine this past summer. What's the easiest project for non-sewers? You guessed it...pillows. Here are two new designs for my geeky shop...

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