Sunday, February 20, 2011

Look Ma! No plastic!

We finally did it! We made cloth shopping bags so we can stop using plastic bags and it feels gooooood!

According to the Earth Resource Foundation (and several other scientific organizations), by not using plastic bags we will be helping to reduce the number of plastic bags that become litter, lessen the impact on marine wildlife who can ingest or get caught up in the plastic bags, limit our usage of a material that can take one thousand years to decompose in landfills, and much more! It feels good, let us tell you!
We started off with our fabric from IKEA.
Measure twice...cut once! 
Pin, pin, pin! 

It was a pretty fun process, despite a few sewing machine malfunctions and kitty interruptions! Ever since Corinne made her beautiful bag, we've been itching to make some for ourselves! We used this pattern because the shape is nice and it's pretty big so we can use it at the grocery store or IKEA (yes, please)! The one thing it's missing is a lining...but we can add that later.

 They're simple! But cute, right? Does anyone have any other fun patterns for shopping bags? We'd like to make more since there's a strong possibility we might need more than one shopping bag each!

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