Friday, August 2, 2013

Nerds Ahoy!

Check this out!

Our favorite baby/toddler girl Miss Charlotte, sporting one of our Gibberish onesie’s, was featured on this lovely Canadian parenting e-mag.  It’s an interesting article which discusses the issues of “nerd-dom” and the fallout of peer pressure on our naturally clever kids.

In my opinion, both as a lover of science and as a teacher, our society struggles mightily with this topic. Being smart (for many of the teenagers I work with each day) is done on the dl, and too often it is something kids of both genders smile quietly about but RARELY want to brag about. It’s much “cooler” to just barely get by and jump on board idolizing individuals that are super-athletes and/or great performers…many of which I’m sure are smart, as well as talented. But I never hear about the great modern scientists, mathematicians, or social/political scientists with brilliant minds that are toiling away and garnering tremendous respect for improving our world, and advancing the human condition. How do we as parents and educators combat this trend? We’d love to hear your feedback…  

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